Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Surviving Winter

University has been tough - both mentally and physically.
My skin suffered quite a bit; it just doesn't like stress at all!
This meant that gone are the days when I can sleep in my make up, forget to wash my face or protect it.
My skin has always been pretty well behaved and it seemed to only object when I switch environments too often. 
Towards the end of my time in the USA my skin had gotten use to being a little sun kissed (very little mind you - if you hadn't noticed I am pale pale pale!) and it dealt fine with a little splash of water each morning and a spot of SPF15 on the nose
But not any more.
When I returned to England and then moved to The Netherlands my skin began to be battered by the constant rain, hail and wind. Yep, that is England.
Long story short I have learnt that my skin needs A LOT of moisture.
Here are my favourite winter beauty remedies to help you all survive and look fabulous!

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