Wednesday, 15 August 2012

All Change

I have been here in the USA for almost three weeks now. I have come to know for a fact that when one moves country, one can be very emotional and unsettled for quite a while. Maybe it is culture shock, maybe it is just my heart being restless and my constant fear of making mistakes that makes me feel so uncomfortable. Yesterday I had a major "missing The Netherlands and my Dutchies" day. So my pinterest pictures today are all photos I took myself during my time in The Netherlands, you can find them in my pinterest account here. Things I miss.....

1 / Bicycles
2 / Good Cappuccinos!
3 / Pretty Tulips
4 / Cute little cafes and ice cream parlors
5 / Cool, sheltered, pretty running routes
6 / Amsterdam
7 / Amsterdam
8 / Yummy sweet treats
9 / Dutch cheese!
10 / Fun times with friends
11 / Rich history
12 / My old University


Michelle Nelson said...

Beautiful pictures, I can see why you miss it!

Katie Cook said...

my goodness gracious, I LOVE Holland:) these pictures are adorable! Kev and I are going back there next summer for a wedding and we are so excited! any tips on things to do outside of Amsterdam? love Katie

Alex Butts said...

I would have been a ridiculous mess this entire stay home if I didn't know I was going back. No one understands the difficulty leaving the European life behind

Samantha Shepherd said...

oh goodness are these gorgeous! i dream of going to Holland one day. :)

Shireen McCleary said...

Really pretty pictures! I understand the shock of moving to a foreign place & DEFINITELY understand missing home! I've been living in Asia for the past year, and I still have a few more weeks before I head home. There were times when I was SO depressed and lonely I just wanted to hop on an airplane home that day-- eff my job contract! BUT...for every bad day you have, you'll have a string of great days, and you'll catch yourself thinking, "Wow this place is pretty great.."

Just wait for those days :) ~~ Shireen ~~

Nicholl Vincent said...

beautiful pics!

Have a lovely day! Stop by and say hello! :)

Sara Louise said...

I've been out of the US so long now that I can't even imagine how disorienting it must be to move back.
Best of luck settling back in :)

Nicole Marie said...

I Love that bike!