Friday, 31 August 2012


What I'm....

READING : Dances with Wolves / The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw

LISTENING TO : Ben Howard / Brooke Fraser

WORKING ON : My Geology homework...kinda sucks.

LOVING : The excitement of a new season starting here in Boise.

WEARING : H&M / Zara / Anthropologie

WATCHING : Ann Romney's speech

PACKING : Beer, bikini, sunscreen.....labour day weekend! Have a good one y'all.

ALSO LOVING : Early morning hikes...


Treasure Tromp said...

oh, I love early morning hikes as well. so peaceful!

Thirsty World Designs said...

This sunset is beautiful! It makes me want to just sit in a field and watch the day come to an end!

I just stumbled over your blog and I adore it!

Your Newest Follower,