Monday, 28 October 2013

a coffee date

If you were to stop by for coffee with me on this beautiful fall morning I would tell you that...

watching the sunrise over the hills at my parent's place takes my breath away
school is stressful. daily.
all i want to do is run away to the mountains, get lost in the silence and finally just. be. still.
i am extremely excited for halloween festivities.
i had the most incredible time dancing the night away at a macklemore show on friday night with friends
i have Oceans by hillsong on repeat
God is blowing me away by reminding me that if i take things to Him, if I press in to His presence then it is His pure joy to remind me of truth, answer my prayers and remind me of His unfailing love.
my soul is longing to travel. i am counting down the seconds until i get to return to Europe in the spring for a few weeks.
i enjoy every minutes i get to ride my bicycle around town
i am so blessed and happy to be running again
i adore waking up in my beautiful home that is filled with incredible friends who i adore
life is beautiful.

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