Thursday, 24 October 2013

beautiful women

My best friend Krista wrote a post yesterday that really made me stop and think about strong, beautiful people in my life who have taught me precious lessons. I found myself thinking in particular about women that I admire. I am blessed to be surrounded by incredible women: where I work, study and in my personal daily life. I happen to currently live with two astonishing women who inspire me every day, encourage me and build me up in truth. What an amazing gift?!
I also happen to come from a family of great women: my grandmothers hold stories of living all around the world, my mum amazes me with the way in which she loves anyone and everyone furiously, holding nothing back. I have learnt the importance of relationships and people from my mum - yes she struggles with the house not always being spotless, but that would never stop her from welcoming in people to share meals and time with us. My sister....well, I could not be more proud of her. She is one of the most beautiful and generous people I know.
Wow, I am blessed to have so many incredible women in my life.

My mum, me and my sister this past weekend. Photos by Krista.

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