Friday, 4 October 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Fall - thank you for arriving and leaving us so quickly.
Dear Winter - you are here already? Ok. Whatever.
Dear Starbucks - thank you for accidentally topping my card up with $20 rather than $10, and then being kind enough to let me keep it when I told you.
Dear Beau - thank you for this incredible road bike that you built me. I can't stop riding around town grinning from ear to ear.
Dear Krista - I love that you painted your nails right before going deer hunting. You are my hero.
Dear Homework - oh. my. gosh. You are seriously kicking my butt this semester.
Dear Wedding Weekend - you were incredible! So much fun. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty and depth of true love.
Dear River - I miss you even more than I miss the summer itself.
Dear Yogi Tea - thank you for filling my Nalgene with sweet goodness every day.
Dear Early-Morning-Work-Out-Buddy - thank you for keeping me sane this season.
Dear Head Cold - just go.
Dear Sweet Room mates - thank you for feeding me, making me laugh, snuggling, and massaging my face whilst I am feeling so under the weather.
Dear Family - thank you for the constant care. You amaze me with your generosity and love. Wow.


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