Wednesday, 19 September 2012

food for thought

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately. Overwhelmed with change, overwhelmed with challenges and overwhelmed with figuring out the things that are stirring in my heart. Why is it that we seem to always think we need a plan? What's the worse that could happen by not having one? We might make a mess of things. But, on the other hand, we might get caught up in an adventure we never expected that is pure beauty and delight.
In the midst of this sense of sinking beneath uncertainty and fear I interviewed a professor at my University for a project. He shed some light on my fears of uncertainty and greatly encouraged me. He reminded me of the words of Joseph Campbell : follow your bliss.

My professors words....

"Don't rush it....follow your yourself and watch what it is that really makes you feel alive. You will find something in college that does that, and stay with it. Hold on to it as tight as you can, like a tiger by the tail".

So, masters programmes I am not going to worry about you just yet. Law school I am not going to worry about you yet either and heck, next semester you can be thought about soon....but not just yet.

Try not to worry. Search for passion and don't settle for anything less.


Anonymous said...

wow Sally, You('re professor) is right. I hope you are enjoying you time in the States and at your new college! I love and miss you sweety
<3 Yara

Unpublished Life said...

Wise words, thank you so much for sharing ...

Don't put pressure on yourself ... it will all work out.

A good friend of mine had a saying:

"If you worry, you die. If you don't worry you still die ... so why worry."

A bit morbid, but it gets the point across!

Have a good day!

Katie Cook said...

amen sister:) just take it day by day, giving it all up to the Lord. He's got ya:) love Kati e