Thursday, 6 September 2012

Happy Thursday

Hello all! Oh my it has been almost an entire week since I last posted....such a bad blogger. Well, the week has been pretty hectic. Back to University, right. My first Labour Day Weekend in the USA was such a blast - I spent the Saturday with dear friends and family, then got up early to watch the last day of hot air balloons launch from a downtown park. Then we had breakfast and church in the park followed by more BBQ fun and partying with friends. On Labour Day itself I spent the day rafting on the river with friends and then regained my sanity with some downtown in the evening at Starbucks.
It was such a sweet weekend. I really hope you all had a good one also!

You may not know this about me, but I am a Political Science major. This time last year I was starting my University studies at a tiny International Honours University in The Netherlands. My declared major? Art History. This year has been such a rich year of change and figuring out what I am actually passionate about. As much as I enjoy creating art and getting lost in art galleries, Art History was not really going to cut it for me. I greatly treasure my time spent in Europe studying Art. Paris will always remain my favorite city because of its art and beauty. During the time I was studying in The Netherlands I became more and more interested in the Social Science classes that a lot of my friends were taking, so, in my second semester I took a Law class and a Political Theory class. It changed everything. It challenged me. I say all this to say that.....I have been watching the elections like the nerd that I am. I don't ever intend to make this blog about politics (so don't worry!) and I wouldn't tell you how I would vote if I could. I have been greatly inspired by both Ann Romney and Michelle Obama and their chosen words this past week. Michelle Obama really did knock her speech out of the park. Here it is in case you missed it:

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