Thursday, 20 September 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Geoscience test on Monday - how about you take care of yourself, ok?
Dear Weekend - I can not wait for you to begin / be over because you shall be one long study fest but at least I can study on the deck rather than in the library.
Dear Bed - I am greatly looking forward to being re-acquainted with you
Dear Ryan Reynolds - I thought we were going to get married?
Dear Starbucks barista - I love seeing you each day and I love that you sing and smile so much
Dear Sunshine - please hang around a little longer
Dear Broncos - I am trying my hardest to represent! Did you notice that I attended your first home game of the season? Thanks for a fun day.
Dear Aspen Leaf - oh hey there...
Dear Dutchies - I am missing you guys....and your Heineken
Dear Mum - looking forward to our Saturday Market date tomorrow



Hallie said...

found your blog on Friday Letters
and totally know the disappoitment in your heart when you knew Ryan Reynolds was married. It took me a couple days to get out of bed!
newest follower

The Heights Life! said...

Fall football season is the best!! Have fun at the market and a great weekend!

Shireen McCleary said...

THE BLUE FIELD!!!!!!!! I had a blast when I went to a Boise state homecoming game a few years ago w/ my best friend. Go team go!