Sunday, 30 September 2012

Today I am Missing...

I honestly never thought that I would. But here I am, missing Amsterdam. Whilst I was in the Netherlands I had the great honour of making a great friend in Amsterdam - Laura. In the year that I have known Laura we have travelled to three different countries together....we don't hang about. You can catch our adventures here : Amsterdam, Paris, Oxford, Middelburg.
Every once in a while, I could catch an early train to Amsterdam, meet Laura in our beloved Starbucks and then walk or cycle to Hillsong church. We could quite happily fill our Sundays with good conversation, coffee and adventures in the city.
I miss those Sundays.
I miss the chilly Dutch weather and the bicycles, I miss the deep conversations that those Sundays would inevitably bring, and I miss exploring a new and strange place with someone who shares my love for adventure.
Amsterdam, I miss you. But I am thankful for what you gave me in the season we shared together.

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