Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Weekend - thank you for arriving
Dear Week - thank you for ending
Dear Early Morning Hikes - you are beautiful...
Dear Mountain Bikers who bike in the dark with headlamps - really? Do you have to? Please leave the early morning peace alone.
Dear Self - I know that pre-mad guacamole sounded like a good idea, but don't ever do it again. Store bought is never as good as home made.
Dear Dog - I am sorry you were buzzed so short that your butt itches. At least I hope that is why you are itching your butt all the time....
Dear Dutchies - missing you a lot this week.
Dear non-existant-fall-break - really? We have to wait until Thanksgiving to have time off from class?
Dear Climbing Walls - thank for being there at the end of a rough day.
Dear Evening Class - thank you for being cancelled next week.
Dear Beach - I want to come live on you



Kristen said...

Aww you're poor dog, but that did make me laugh! Glad your night class was canceled and yep i wish i was living on a beach right now. Oh well, some day maybe that will happen!
Have a good day

Kristen said...

That's weird! I posted a comment and then it deleted :( Anyway, lol I will write it again. I feel bad for your dog, but it did make me laugh! Hope you have a good Friday!
-Kristen @ fewofmyfavoritethingsblog

Niken said...

morning hiking sounds so fun and relaxing. and that beach photo is wonderful

Treasure Tromp said...

these pictures are fantastic. hope you enjoy your morning hikes!