Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Get me out of here

If you have hung around Me+Life+Coffee long enough you will know that I love adventure. I love love love adventures. I also love being out in nature so my favorite adventures are ones that explore and embrace the great outdoors.
I know you are probably thinking this is way too early in the semester to think this (what is it? week 4?) but, I already have ants in my pants. I am already squirming in my seat in class, longing to be outside. It doesn't help that the weather is changing either - I just want to make the most of the last little bit of warm, good weather before the cold really sets in! I am trying to hike and run most days and I am already loving rock climbing after just one lesson. This Wednesday I am being drawn to finds on pinterest that are feeding my desperation to be outside.
Happy Wednesday y'all! Find all images on my account HERE. Follow along!


Nicola Purkins said...


Niken said...

i love being outdoor too!
awesome pictures!

Sarah Grace said...

i'm itching for an adventure as well....beautiful weather always gives me the bug!

happy wednesday!

xoxo, sarah grace

Treasure Tromp said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've hard such a hard time sitting at my desk lately. more adventure, please!!

Blue Dog Belle said...

I agree. The weather is so gorgeous right now. I am hating being indoors all day!