Monday, 28 October 2013

a coffee date

If you were to stop by for coffee with me on this beautiful fall morning I would tell you that...

watching the sunrise over the hills at my parent's place takes my breath away
school is stressful. daily.
all i want to do is run away to the mountains, get lost in the silence and finally just. be. still.
i am extremely excited for halloween festivities.
i had the most incredible time dancing the night away at a macklemore show on friday night with friends
i have Oceans by hillsong on repeat
God is blowing me away by reminding me that if i take things to Him, if I press in to His presence then it is His pure joy to remind me of truth, answer my prayers and remind me of His unfailing love.
my soul is longing to travel. i am counting down the seconds until i get to return to Europe in the spring for a few weeks.
i enjoy every minutes i get to ride my bicycle around town
i am so blessed and happy to be running again
i adore waking up in my beautiful home that is filled with incredible friends who i adore
life is beautiful.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

beautiful women

My best friend Krista wrote a post yesterday that really made me stop and think about strong, beautiful people in my life who have taught me precious lessons. I found myself thinking in particular about women that I admire. I am blessed to be surrounded by incredible women: where I work, study and in my personal daily life. I happen to currently live with two astonishing women who inspire me every day, encourage me and build me up in truth. What an amazing gift?!
I also happen to come from a family of great women: my grandmothers hold stories of living all around the world, my mum amazes me with the way in which she loves anyone and everyone furiously, holding nothing back. I have learnt the importance of relationships and people from my mum - yes she struggles with the house not always being spotless, but that would never stop her from welcoming in people to share meals and time with us. My sister....well, I could not be more proud of her. She is one of the most beautiful and generous people I know.
Wow, I am blessed to have so many incredible women in my life.

My mum, me and my sister this past weekend. Photos by Krista.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Portland, Oregon, in Black and White

During the very last week of the summer vacation, the beau and I travelled to Portland, Oregon, to spend a few days with his family. It had been a few years since I had spent time in this fun city and it was great to return and explore some more. Our time was spent eating doughnuts and drinking coffee (of course), looking through Powell's, peach picking, camping on the beach, watching sunsets, taking walks, catching up on sleep and laughing.....a lot. It was a great way to finish the summer. It was kind of a bitter-sweet end to the greatest season.

Monday, 14 October 2013

the greatest summer [job]

As I mentioned in my last post, since moving to Boise I have gained such a love and admiration for the water. The river is a happy place for me now. As soon as my spring semester was over I was out of the city for Raft Guide School (see this post). Guide school was a week packed full of fun and enabled me to work my first summer as a river guide for the Boise State Outdoor Program. It has been the most incredible summer. What really can be better than working with some of the greatest friends made, out in the sunshine, whilst sharing a happy place with people? 
Best. Summer. Job. Ever. 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

so long summer

This morning has been a roller-coaster. In fact, the last 24 hours have been. Today I had three assessments at school, so naturally, last night was a long night of cramming.
But it is now done.
I am off to work and then sharing dinner and church with friends. Wow, the best cure for a tough day.
I am missing summer. I regularly turn to a friend and suggest that we just simply go back to summer. This summer was one of the most incredible seasons of my life. I learnt a lot about grace and love. I learnt that healing takes time and it is a continual journey, but, a wonderful one with beautiful surprises along the way. This summer was also my first season as a river guide. I first took an extended trip on the river in the summer of 2012 and it was then that I gained a healthy respect and reverence for the water. For the first time I was able to approach the water with a sense of wonder and awe rather than fear. I owe this to the people I now work with as well as my late boss, Greg.
This past summer was just beautiful. In every way my life has become more beautiful and the relationships in it have grown deeper.

Here are some highlights of my sweet, sweet summer of 2013. Thank you, and so long summer.

Monday, 7 October 2013

life lately according to instagram

It's Monday. Surprise. And it's sort of a manic one. It was great to wake up at my parental's place and watch the sunrise over the glorious hills and mountains. We had friends over for brunch and the whole morning was wonderful. If only it was actually the beginning of a weekend rather than the beginning of a manic week. I shall have to head back into the city later today and face reality. It has been quite a while since I have shared some instagrams. So, here is life lately according to instagram - including some snaps from my busy wedding weekend: two weddings in two days and what great fun it was.

the sister and I / study time

the gals and the guys at wedding no. 1

the handsome date and I at both weddings

last river trip of the season / wedding dance time

Sunday, 6 October 2013

the most beautiful thing

Photo take at City of Rocks, ID / Gungor Lyrics
Today is a beautiful day. The kind of day that just takes your breath away. As I was driving to church with a friend I could not stop gasping at the beauty of fall and the incredible colors that are on display around Boise at the moment. My friend giggled and said, "you are just overjoyed because you know Jesus and you have a wonderful man in your life". All this is true. But, what is also true, is today is a beautiful day. Creation is the a beautiful thing....creation is God's very heart displayed for all. As I drank my breakfast tea with my dear friend she reminded me of another beauty - the beauty of God's grace and joy at work within us. It's a beautiful thing to know that I am on a journey with a loving God - a God who adores me enough to heal my heart when it breaks, to remind me of courage when I fear, to give me abundant grace when I stumble and to speak real love into my life daily. 
Now that is more beautiful than even today itself.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Fall - thank you for arriving and leaving us so quickly.
Dear Winter - you are here already? Ok. Whatever.
Dear Starbucks - thank you for accidentally topping my card up with $20 rather than $10, and then being kind enough to let me keep it when I told you.
Dear Beau - thank you for this incredible road bike that you built me. I can't stop riding around town grinning from ear to ear.
Dear Krista - I love that you painted your nails right before going deer hunting. You are my hero.
Dear Homework - oh. my. gosh. You are seriously kicking my butt this semester.
Dear Wedding Weekend - you were incredible! So much fun. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty and depth of true love.
Dear River - I miss you even more than I miss the summer itself.
Dear Yogi Tea - thank you for filling my Nalgene with sweet goodness every day.
Dear Early-Morning-Work-Out-Buddy - thank you for keeping me sane this season.
Dear Head Cold - just go.
Dear Sweet Room mates - thank you for feeding me, making me laugh, snuggling, and massaging my face whilst I am feeling so under the weather.
Dear Family - thank you for the constant care. You amaze me with your generosity and love. Wow.


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

a favorite neighborhood

Over the summer we had some really dear friends visit from England. It was such a great blessing to see them after so many years and it was fun to share Boise and the hills with them. I even got to take them all rafting and share my favorite place with them. After going rafting I got to show them around my favorite neighborhood in Boise: Hyde Park and the Northend area. This little area in Boise is full of beautiful homes, coffee stores, bookstores and plenty of great places to eat. If you were to come and visit, it would be almost certain that we would spend some time in this pretty place. We would take a long hike in the foothills and then drink coffee. Rafting, hiking and's the way to my heart.