Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Amsterdam in Black and White

Hello happy readers! (Well I hope that you are happy!)
Fall Break was a short, but good week that I packed full of fun. I spent the first half of my break as a VERY enthusiastic tourist in Amsterdam - think click click click of the camera at all things. And then I spent the second half of my break with a wonderful friend from university and her family.
I greatly enjoyed my time in Amsterdam. As hosts, YWAM spoilt me and I made some good new friend. Guess what? I bumped into a friend from the USA - CRAZY! Neither of us where aware that the other was in The Netherlands. Needless to say we were both so surprised to meet each other. Don't you just love when God surprises you?! So sweet. As I mentioned earlier, I was extremely snap happy with my camera so it may take a while to share some of my shots with you. Here are a few that I have changed to black and white. Hope you are all well and remaining joyful even though the cold and rain is setting in. Happy November y'all!

(All Photography Sally Sargeant)

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Joshua Hopping said...

Love the pictures! =)