Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Things My Mother Taught me


Things that my Mother taught me (well she is still teaching me things - that is for sure!) My Mum is wonderful; there are not enough words to express her kindness, warmth and general craziness. More than this, my Mum is wise. I mean, really wise. Supernaturally wise. My Mum has shared many golden nuggets of wisdom with me over the years and I thought I would share a few with you. Here is one for today and stay tuned for many more to come:

A Mother's wisdom - Nugget of Wisdom No.1: "Always be wary of men with no chest hair"  

Yep….. that is right. Keep in mind that my Mum’s favourite James Bond was Sean Connery. I think that deep down this statement presents this question: If a guy would rather spend time and energy shaving/waxing his chest to resemble a baby’s bare bottom, than do something (anything) else, then what kind of a guy is he?! In short - Men, please be MEN.
In context my Mum also said to be wary of men with long hair. But, I am not sure I totally agree with that one.
Check back soon for some more Motherly Wisdom x

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