Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday Friday Friday


Whoohooo! Thank God it is Friday!
(Only three weeks now until the end of the semester!)

Ahhhh......three weeks. Not going to lie - I hope they go quick. I still have a whole bunch of assignments to do, exams to take and presentations to give.
But then I shall be travelling back to wonderful England - to friends and family to celebrate the holidays.
I can not wait for the London lights, Christmas feasts, long walks in the woods and hot cocoa with friends. Bliss.

But as for now - thank God it is Friday.
For all you Americans - be careful it's Black Friday. I shall let you know if my parents have grabbed any awesome deals on my behalf.
I have a sweet friend coming to stay from Amsterdam this weekend and I can not wait to explore my little town with her some more, catch up and do some Christmas shopping.
I plan on being a complete tourist for the day tomorrow.
Although I kind of wish I was heading out of town in an open top sports car in the sunshine, I would not miss seeing my friend this weekend for anything.
How are you all spending the weekend? I hope you have some good plans.
Much love x

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