Monday, 21 November 2011

Fashion Fix

I am way more fashionable in my mind than in real life. Fact. In my mind I dance like Justin Timberlake, rock out like Anthony Kiedis, and bake like Delia Smith. In reality....well.....I am not so much like that. I am doing a lot more appreciating of fashion than wearing it these days. Most days, I wake up, roll out of bed half asleep and switch the coffee machine on. (Note: recently I have taken to putting my iPhone across the room on my desk so that I HAVE to get up out of bed to switch it off). Most days it is a miracle if I remember the right books and turn up at the right class at the right time. But it is ok. I am learning to have grace for myself and accept that not every day will be perfect and I will not always be perfect or look perfect. Today, I get a B and the teacher tells me she is disappointed. I felt even more disappointed. Then I thought, "Since when as a B not been good?" Am I right or am I wrong? I am DONE with worrying whether I have let people down. Don't hear me wrong, I try to be kind and considerate and help others when I can, but I am fed up with feeling guilty for not living up to people's impossibly high expectations. So, yes I am learning to have grace for myself. And that grace extends to my fashion - if a pair of jeans and a sweater is all I manage to pull together in the morning then that will just have to do.

However.....I do imagine in my mind that I am as fashionable as this lady. Atlantic Pacific is a blog that I have been following for a fair while now and I am always amazed at the outfits pulled together here.

It has been insanely cold here for a week or so and I am missing my sweaters, Hunter Wellington Boots and scarves that I had to leave behind in the UK and USA. I was so jealous when I opened Atlantic Pacific to see a magnificent pair of Hunters featured. So, blog readers, I apologise that I am not the most fashion forward blogger in the world - if you need a fashion fix, head to Atlantic Pacific (The link is always on the right side of my page). Much love! 

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Lisa Theresa Downey-Dent said...

Saaaallly, this blog is 100% like a blog I wrote a year ago for RA's student blog (we didn't publish it in the end though but took other blog topics instead), so I feel your "pain", and I will relieve some by telling you that you have been monitored by my fashion-addicted-eye as indeed very fashionable throughout the semester! Plus, don't worry about the B, it is really just RA pressure in that case, a B is for real perfectly acceptable.
xLisa T. Downey-Dent