Thursday, 23 February 2012

I am....

Good coffee / View over my laptop / Good Old English Breakfast Tea

Not a rebel. I was always a good kid (I think?) I never really push the boundaries of rules and I always feel really bad if I let people down or break the rules. Today I decided to go to the coffee shop inside a local book shop to study. Now, I have been there a few times to study and been told to "take up less space" or "move", but today I got told to "leave". This is apparently NOT America where Starbucks Batista's are really nice and friendly and  tend to think it is pretty awesome for you to hang out in their store all day long, buy one cup of coffee with free re-fills and chat to them in between your studies. No, this is not America. Apparently spending 6euros on coffee in the space of 3 hours is not enough and you have to leave. And since I am not a rebel, I apologised and left.
But some things have made me smile today! I went to the market and bought fresh fruit a veg. Check this out. For just 5euros (£4 / $6) I got: 6 fresh farm yard eggs, 1 kilo of bananas, 1 kilo of kiwi, 1 kilo of grapes and some green beans. I think that is pretty good going. And my sweet Granny in England went to all the trouble of sending me heat rub for my bad back, "just in case they don't sell it on the Continent" ...... she is so sweet and kinda crazy.


Christina May Andrews said...

Wow. That is VERY interesting! I would love to know why they wouldn't want you to hang out. Way to find the positive in the day and be polite. Just found your blog and I am glad I did!

Jenny said...

Oh no! So glad they don't kick you out here in America! So not nice of them!
Just found your blog & love it!