Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Story About Taylor

I love Taylor. No, not Taylor Swift. Not Taylor Lautner. My Taylor. My beautiful Taylor guitar. I don't know what has been up with me this past week but I have had such trouble concentrating in class and sitting still long enough to do homework! It is really hard  IMPOSSIBLE for me to sit still for long periods of time - it is just not who I am! It is tough not being able to run right now or do yoga since my back is still healing. So my latest distraction form studying.....Taylor.
Taylor has quite a story. Taylor was a miracle, a blessing from Jesus.
It all began in November 2009. I returned to Boise, Idaho to work at a missions school for the next eight months. I also returned to intern in worship at the church there. I had been saving to buy a guitar and upon arrival I began to talk with my mentor about buying. Then, well one thing after another came up - phone bills and a conference in Colorado - and before long my little fund was gone. I did have a guitar that had been given to be a few years before that was doing it's job. It wouldn't be the type of guitar I would choose if had a choice, but I was grateful! For the next few months my mentor, the worship pastor, would take me to guitar stores and tell me to play guitars and choose the "sound" I liked the most - he told me to choose sound over a name or a look. He would keep putting beautiful guitars in my hands and I would be like, "I can only dream of this!".
In May 2010 my parents and sister came to visit from England to scout out houses for their move to Boise (a whole other crazy miracle adventure story!) and to visit me. One morning I arrive at the church to spend the day in the worship department and I barely walked through the front doors before the worship pastor appeared, "Going on a field trip", he said. I shrugged and headed out to his car with him - I assumed we were headed to the studio. When we were sat in the car he told me to close my eyes, "Seriously?", I asked, "ok". And I did. Stranger things had happened when hanging out with his guy! He began to drive and we talked about something that distracted me from trying to figure out where we were driving. We stopped. I was told to keep my eyes closed. My door was opened and I was helped out - eyes still shut - and led somewhere. I head a shop door open and close behind me. "Open", he said. I opened my eyes to see my wonderful parents and sister stood inside Old Boise Guitar Store holding my Taylor in their hands....."For you", my Dad said.

Really? I mean really? Really? Really?

I remember at the moment thinking, "I really need to cry so that they can see how much this means to me!". But I was too shocked to even cry.

I love. I love love love this guitar. It was the exact one I had picked out with my mentor weeks beforehand when he has asked, "Pick the sound you want, pick any - don't let cost, look or name hold you back - just pick a sound".

Jesus is so good - he provides for our GOOD PLEASURE! Sometimes that is physical stuff and sometimes it is a peace that surpasses all understanding and sometimes it is a sunset that warms our souls. He gives so generously. He is worth trusting, for His love never fails.

My beautiful Taylor


Alyssa said...

How awesome! Love your Taylor!!

Unpublished Life said...

It's so great that you have music as an outlet! Beautiful guitar:)