Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mid-Week Blues

Today I have a little bit of mid week blues…I SO wish it was the weekend. I am still feeling rather under the weather with a cold. It is just typical that as soon as I get back to school I get sick! It makes concentrating on homework way harder and staying awake during class a real challenge – 2hr classes feel like forever and all I want to do is drink coffee to stay awake but you are not suppose to drink coffee when you are sick so all I have in herbal tea and, well, that just doesn’t have the same effect as an espresso shot. Because I am feeling a little down, the link up yesterday was just what I needed! The care package I received from Lindsay over at OriginallyMe really made me perk up. Plus hopping around other blog sites to be nosey as to what others received as been fun. I had one day back in the Netherlands at the weekend before I started feeling sick so I enjoyed a nice walk along the beach with a sweet friend. Here are some snaps for you, as the Dutch say, “We made a picture!” Oh yes, check out the wide veiw shot! For years I have wanted to be able to take wide angled shots and often have awkwardly tried to do that thing where you take three photos and then in Photoshop try to add them together...know what I mean?….never works out. Well, it turns out that my camera has a whole entire setting for doing this kind of shot! Who would have thought?! After all these years I only just stumbled across the setting (by accident – a little slip of the finger a few weeks ago) Dang am I kicking myself about this! I wish I had known about it when zip lining in Ecuador, or hiking in the Sawtooth Mountains or on the beautiful beaches in Oregon. Moral of the story? My Dad has been absolutely right all those times he has said, “Start by reading the manual” yeah yeah yeah…Dad you are full of wisdom. 

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