Sunday, 26 February 2012

This week according to Instagram

Going into this past week I thought that it was going to be pretty chill - I had three cancelled classes and not much prospect of homework. Oh boy was I wrong! It all suddenly got a little but to much and I almost reached breaking point as a result of a research project. I told my teacher, "You know those students that apply for summer research project for fun?" He nodded. I replied, "That won't ever be me".
I really miss the mountains and family and being outside at the moment. On Saturday the sun came out and it was SO beautiful - the kinda beautiful that just makes you know that God is an artist. Although it made me so happy it also made me feel kinda sad because I wanted to be outside all day. I wanted to be with my friends and family who don't live in this country. I wanted it to be summer and have a big garden party and lounge around the fire pit into the night just talking and making S'mors......all in good time. Three more months of University and then it is SUMMER TIME!!

Around my beautiful town

Yummy mango and beer for the Rugby!

Sweet mail from a friend. Tulips on the market.

My study companions. My all time favorite shirts.

My friend's dog came to visit! More fresh flowers on the market.


Amy Dowell said...

Just found your blog from @Story of my Life. Love the pictures and excited to follow you!

The Slice said...

I love instagram!

Anonymous said...

I understand your missing your family! LOVE your iphone pics this week xx

Josh Hopping said...

Keep on keeping on and one day you will find yourself with a diploma and a new view on life. =)

oh, and summer will be here before you know it. =P

Heather Sullivan said...

instagram is seriously the BEST!