Friday, 3 February 2012


So after a day of feeling sick and staying in bed, things get worse. Like way worse. First my bicycle breaks and then - just wait- my laptop dies. Like really really dies. Crashed, wiped, done done done. Poor little Dell, he has made it four years of travelling around the world and being abused, but really, really really??!!! At the start of the semester?! It is incredible how much you suddenly realise you use something when you no longer have it. In the short 36hours that Dell has been dead I have realised that I am addicted to the computer. Sure enough I need it for school but I also spend hours a day emailing people, blogging, editing photos, skyping, listening to music, syncing my iPhone, syncing my iPod, making playlists....and I am not saying those are bad things, but really I am glued to that thing! Already I have spend way more time reading and playing my guitar than before. But it is still incredibly annoying and just another thing to deal with on top of getting better and keeping up with school. And I so want to work on the blog when I have just gotten my first sponser space on another blog! Yep, this is history right here - my first ad! Over on Originally Me you can spot my ad on the right hand took bar. So, if you are visiting from Originally Me, I apologise that blogging may well be a little disjointed and irregular for a bit while Dell tries to be mended. But please do stay a while and pop back soon.

There I am!
 As for now, I thought I would start showing you what I got up to over Christmas Break. Again, since I am on a school computer I can not edit or improve the photos, so these are straight from the camera. I have this awesome friend who I met in Amsterdam, she is from Colorado and I am from England and then we met in the Netherlands (crazy little world) Then she moved to England whilst I was back there for Christmas - so I got to show her around my beautiful Oxford. Oxford you did me proud! Thank you sunshine for coming out, thank you rowing boys for passing us in your shorts with your oars on your shoulders and thank you Blackwells for sharing your books with us.
The hotel where C S Lewis and Tolken would meet to chat
My well dressed headless husband and I
Yes we are goofy...

Ofcourse we went here to start the day

English pubs - you can't beat them!
Hope you are all well and managing to keep warm in this crazy winter weather! The canals are starting to freeze here. The Dutch get so very excited by this because it means they may get to ice skate soon. Shall I join them? Heck no! That's crazy! Have you never seen those movies where the ice breaks.....??


Holly said...

Found your blog via your first ad :)

Cute photos! Looks like a lot of fun!

India Banks said...

I hope things are already looking up - that you feel better & have a new laptop. Like you - I would not function without my computer.

Two questions since I am not teaching this year and am now desperately uncool because I don't have students telling me what nail polish to wear & what music to listen to :)

what is the green you're wearing in the Starbucks pic & what's new on your ipod?

happy Saturday xx