Wednesday, 2 May 2012

here's getting to know you kid

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A new friend of mine over at Wish it. Dream it. Do it posed some questions to me the other day. The randomness of me continues. So, again, just in case you were wondering....

+ What is the meaning behind the name of your blog?
Well....I am Me....the mug in my hand as I write is Coffee....and together we write about Life.
+ Why did you start blogging?
I use to have another small blog before Me+Life+Coffee which was mainly my tool for keeping in touch with UK friends and family when I first moved to the US. Now, I am here in the Netherlands and this space works for keeping in touch, making new friends and as a creative outlet. 
+ If you could have a super power what would it be?
OMGeee I would be Wonder Woman. I know that is not one particular power. 
+ What are your summer plans?
A couple of months in England and then I move back to the US. I plan on reading books that I choose to read (as opposed to books for University) spending quality time with my British friends before I relocate and seeing things in my sweet England that I have always wanted to see but never got around to whilst I lived there.
+ Where would you like to live?
Seattle / San Fran / Sydney / New Zealand / New York City / Paris / Boise
+ What is one thing you have always wanted to do?
Run a full marathon. See the Northern Lights.
+ What is your absolute favourite movie?
Last of the Mohicans. There is no movie moment that beats Daniel Day Lewis shouting, "No matter how far....I will find you" to his love under the waterfall whilst the Indians are chasing them. It also has the best motion picture soundtrack. In my opinion.
+ What places to you want to travel to?
India / New Zealand / South Africa / Australia / Cuba / Hawaii / All of South America / Prague
+ What is your favourite meal?
Steak / Burger and fries
+ What does your typical breakfast look like?
Coffee. Period.
+ If your apartment was burning down, what three things would you save?
Taylor. Mac. iPhone.
+ Where do you want to be in 5 years time?
I don't really mind where, I just want to be happy. I hope I am in the middle of an adventure - I hope I don't outgrow being adventurous.

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Beate said...

Loved reading all your answers! So glad you liked to join in on this! Your summer plans sound great to me and I like the places you chose to live in - I hope I'll get to visit these cities at some point in my life :)