Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tulip Fields

It would be pretty unforgivable and incredible silly of me to live in The Netherlands and NOT visit the tulip fields. I mean, go figure. A sweet American friend of mine, who was spending a year studying at my Dutch University, also thought the same. So off we went with a couple of slightly less excited Dutchies to the Tulip gardens/fields. Needless to say I was extremely snap happy and very excited. I am such a tourist.


India Banks said...

these are so beautiful that they make my stomach hurt! thanks for being such a tourist xx

Amy @ Picture It said...

Ah, love the photos! Glad you got to see this before you left. :)

Beate said...

These tulips are gorgeous! Love all the pictures. The colors are just so pretty.

Have a wonderful day! :) xoxo