Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Weekend in the City

I spend this weekend in Amsterdam with a good friend. It was so good. Let me tell you about my friend and I. We have absolutely no shame when it comes to taking tourist photos. Since we are both tourists (in my opinion, even though I have been living here since September, I am still a tourist) we find no shame is getting extremely snap happy around the city. Yep. We are those people taking photos of ourselves pointing at signs (see below) and taking photos of our soup (again, see below) and we have no problem with taking funny photos in mirrors and windows. My Dutchie friends often get a little embarrassed by my tourist ways! It was good to share a couple of days with a fellow tourist.
Since my friend and I adore good cappuccinos and chats, we visited the Starbucks concept store. Amazing. Love that place. I could happily stay there forever. Maybe I should drop out of University and spend my life lovingly making cups of coffee for people. I love how you can meet new people and have such good conversations over a cup of coffee.
Hope y'all had a good weekend.


Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

Looks like a great weekend! I really want to go to Amsterdam some day, it looks so pretty :)

Amy @ Picture It said...

Ack, so jealous! I'm dying to see the Starbucks concept store.

Beate said...

Ooooh - chocolate! That picture makes me want chocolate right now :)
Did you try any of these goodies?

I used to live in western Germany which wasn't as far away from Amsterdam as I am now - but sadly I have never made it there. What a shame! Those pictures are great! I hope I'll get to visit it one day.

Michelle said...

SOOO jealous. I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam! I don't know you, but I might come live with you. Just fyi :)