Sunday, 29 April 2012

This Week According to Instagram

This weekend I spent some great time in Amsterdam with a truly wonderful friend. It was so sweet. It made me so happy. And that is all I have to say really. And tomorrow is my birthday! Whoohoo!! This past year has been a tough one. I am looking forward to it ending and a new one's to new adventures!

A good friend and good coffee - makes me happy / Nike Free Riders - currently lusting

My timing needs work! / A cutie at the gym

Beer and bitterballen - great pick me up after evening class / Amsterdam

Love this friend!! / Bagel + Beans = must.visit.when.possible

O'Neill shopping spree / Vineyard Church Amsterdam. A great place.


Yola Thorp said...

Cute photos, love your blog.


Unpublished Life said...

Happy birthday!!

Love the pics:)

Amy Dowell said...

Happy Almost Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day. :)

Amy Dowell said...

Oh, silly me. Just read the prior post and realized that today is your birthday, not tomorrow. That's what I get for not reading posts in order. Happy Birthday Today!

Alex Butts said...

ah totes love those shoes too!

happy birthday :)

Sadie Dear said...

I've always thought I'd like to visit Amsterdam! Especially if it could be as relaxing as your pics make it seem. Nice!