Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Streets of Paris

Eiffel Tower. Statues. Macaroons. Starbucks. Police Men on Bicycles. Metro Stations. Maps. Signs. Rivers. Bridges. Bakeries. Ice Tea. Fresh Sorbet. Dusty. Park Benches. Melted Cheese. Gin and Tonic. Flowers. Sunshine. Subway. Pavement. Road. Shop Windows. TOMS. Water Bottles. Sun Glasses. Clear Skies. Hugs. Photos. Kodak. Nikon. Canon. Pentax. Snap Snap. Naps. Lakes. Smiles. Laughter. Jesus. Bars. Lights. Boats. Bicycles. Vespers. Guitar. Music. Crepes. Bread. Brie. Painting. Chalk. Freedom. Fun. Alive.

Just a few of the things I experienced on the streets of Paris......

"Be free from time to time"


Kimberley said...

So jelous! The hubby and i have planned to go to Europe for our honeymooned, but have yet to set a date to travel. These pics of Paris make my heart ache!


Crystalin said...

You are so cute! Looks like an amazing trip.