Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone! Today is a little odd for me. Odd because, this Easter doesn't look like a normal Easter for me. Normally I am surrounded by friends and family, a ton of yummy homemade food, and a church community. This Easter morning? Well, I was on an overnight bus from Berlin. I got back to my University dorm this morning and pretty much fell exhausted into bed. I have spent this afternoon watching CNN and drinking coffee in my PJ's. Want to know what is really on my mind? Jesus. I know it is Easter after all, so perhaps that is not quite a shocker to you. He still amazes me. His Heart amazes me, His peace comforts me and His love overwhelms me every new day that I spend with Him. I just hope I take the time every day to tell Him that....not just today, but every day...


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