Sunday, 22 April 2012

This Week According to Instagram

Something magical happened this week...Instagram started working just fine on my iPhone again!! YAY! If you follow me already you may have noticed the sudden flurry of published photos! (If you don't follow me and want to, my user name is sargeantsally)
This week has gone by rather fast - it was filled with impromptu parties, down pours of rain, butt shaking classes at the gym, an outdoor movie night, and plenty of coffee drinking. I have A LOT of papers to write....they just seem to keep coming.....and I am trying to clear them in time for my birthday weekend (!!!) I shall be headed to Amsterdam on Friday to see a dear friend, visit some tulips fields and explore Amsterdam some more. I can not wait to take a few days off from studying. And then. Dun. Dun. Dun....I turn 22 on Monday. Whoa!! Where did this year go??

Hallway Shinanigins / Empty Captain Morgan...sad times

Honeypie - a dangerous place to have breakfast! / Post Gym Candy refuel

Live Music / Chucks and Pedals

My Favorite Distraction from Study / Post Running Meal

Midnight in Paris on Big Screen under the Stars with Wine

Great friends


Anonymous said...

trying to catch up this week with my reading! - i LOVED your Paris photos - esp of the Eiffel Tower. i find it so difficult to take photographs of famous places & things because they seem so - well, overdone - but yours were completely genius. original xx

Dallas Shaw said...

Love instagram