Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thoughts on Faith

Choosing to trust God is just that - a choice.
I have found that choice to be a lot easier to make when the thing I am trusting Him with is small.
But when it is not small, when it is actually a very big deal, and when it is such a deep heart desire...
It suddenly becomes very hard to let go off. It suddenly becomes very hard to place it in God's hands.
It suddenly becomes very hard to trust.
In a world that tells me that I can do "anything I put my mind and strength to" - I forget that the safest place to place my future is in the hands of Him who loves me.
Trust is hard.
Faith is very much a journey.


Sadie Dear said...

You are so right... trust is so hard. But so worth it! I am right with you and your thoughts today.

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

One of my all time favorite poems. I had it memorized in 4th grade for no reason at all. :) Praying for your heart- trust is such a hard issue to have faith in.

Amy Dowell said...

I love your thoughts on faith. Somewhere along the way we stop trusting because too often when we trust people, we get hurt. But God has always been worthy of our trust. When I look back at the times I've trusted Him, I've been rewarded in ways unimaginable. This coming from the girl that struggles with trusting God on a daily basis. :)