Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sacre Coeur

Back to sharing about Paris....
Our first day in the city was drawing to an end and the sun was going down. In my opinion there is only one place to be in the evenings - Sacre Coeur. The Church on the hill is beautiful and gives the best view of the city, especially at night. We headed up the hill, grabbed some yummy crepes for dinner and sat down to be entertained by street performers as the sun set. Pretty nice way to end the day.

(No editting here - yep, the sky was that blue and clear! Perfect)


Tiana said...

how gorgeous is this! excellent photos :) thanks for sharing them with us -- i truly hope to travel around the world someday :D
xoxo, tiana of l'esthetique

Crystalin said...

These pictures are stunning!