Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Summer - Take Me Now

Photo By Kay Marie Stroud

I am more than ready for summer. I am more than ready to be doing this (above) all over again. Three more weeks of papers, presentations and exams.....what is keeping me going?
The thought of 3 WHOLE MONTHS OF NOTHING after that.
No, I am not one of those over-achieving, super powered university students who do summer research programmes or internships. Oh no. This summer shall be all about wasting days in the sunshine with good company. I shall spend two months in England before heading back state side to Boise. I can not wait to spend my days running in the sunshine, laying in the park reading, coffee dating with friends, walking in the woods, and spending my evenings drinking locally brewed beer in pub gardens. Bliss.
These thoughts are keeping me going.


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

This photo makes me cry a little. I've only been in Germany one month and I miss the sunshine!!!

Alex Butts said...

Summer is the best - here I thought I'd graduate last May and be working summers, yet here I am getting away with a summera gain, shorter summer, but still summer for 6 weeks. Pumped! Now if the weather in Germany would just catch up...