Sunday, 1 April 2012

This Week According To Instagram

Sad iPhone is playing up....which means that these photos aren't really on that is kinda a lie. It makes me sad when my iPhone struggles - it just blanks out when I ask too much of it. I am able to edit photos (most of the time) but not upload them to Instagram. So I am sorry if you are following me on Instagram and feeling like I have abandoned you (I am sure you don't miss me that much though!) Hope you all had a great weekend! Easter next weekend and I shall be in Berlin. So excited!!

Guacamole Pack - SO Great! / Tea with Friends

New Colour for Spring / Starbucks Loving with Friends

Yummy Candy / Pretty Flowers

Den Haag / Sweet Memories of Paris. I miss. Period.


Theri said...

what a great blog!!
I'm following you now - and I hope you can follow me too!


hugs and kisses, theri

Unpublished Life said...

Great post. Love those pics ... oh goodness, hope the iPhone heals itself.

Where would we be without those little pocket-sized bits of technology! The thought is scary ...

Hope you had a good weekend!