Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Last Sunday in Amsterdam

Sunday was my last chance to spend a day in the great city of Amsterdam. I am even surprised at myself that I now feel like I can call it a "great" city. When I first visited Amsterdam back in November (Check this post, and this post), honestly, I did not like the city at all. Maybe the sunshine just makes everything better. When the sunshine is out I greatly enjoy being in the countryside. But there is also something wonderful about being in the city when it is so beautifully sunny and warm: the streets are filled with energy, terraces are packed out, everyone seems carefree and happy, the canal is the playground for open-top boats filled with musicians and sun was the perfect day for my last day in the city. I started the day meeting friends at the Hillsong Church (Side note - I love this church so very much! They are one of the most welcoming and fun loving churches I have ever visited. If you are in the city, check it out). After church, I then had to bid a farewell to a dear friend of mine before she got on her US bound plane. (Another side note - this friend of mine and I have been in three different countries together since November! Check this post, this post and this post) Then I spent time basking in the rays by the canal with another friend whilst eating frozen yogurt. Of course I stopped by Starbucks for one final Dutch Starbucks fill....then off I went again. Until next time Amsterdam.

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