Monday, 21 May 2012

Struggles of Late

Lately, my heart has been in a place of great uncertainty. Half is breaking for leaving my Dutch home and half is extremely excited for the season ahead in the US. There is so much about this next season of my life that makes me restless; starting a new University, transferring credits, making new friends, new learning environment, moving back in with the family (!!!) .... and then there is the insane Boise weather to get use to again. By the time I touch down on US soil at the end of July it will have been two years since I lived there. I do so hope that it feels like home again. I hope that I am indeed going home. 
Today I am thankful for rest. It has been a long and hard semester and this morning was the first time in a long time that I had no alarm set. And the sun has been out all day. Perfect. 
Here are some snaps of late. Happy Monday!! Hope this week is a good one for y'all!

Goodbye University

Sandwiches in the Sunshine with Friends

Saying Goodbyes over High Tea

Best Cappuccino in Town can be found here - K'Dooor, Middelburg

Wine Store

This was the last group study session of the semester :)


India Banks said...

did you say y'all?!!! I love it! Congrats Sally on finishing the semester - these photos are lovely and making me hungry {even as I sit in a cafe waiting for my salad!} I understand how you feel and you have to trust that you will have mixed emotions for several months after you come back. My advice {which you didn't ask for!} is to simply embrace the conflict and know that you will come through beautifully xx India

Michelle said...

Ooo I'd be sad to leave the Netherlands too! It looks so awesome! But the US is pretty great, too :)