Sunday, 6 May 2012

This Week According to Instagram

This has been my first week of being 22 years young. Oh boy have I been reminded of my great age by my fellow University students who tend to be a couple of years younger! But you know what? I wouldn't change being at University at this age. I had three great years after high school of adventures and travels....I learnt a lot, grew a lot and had fun A LOT. Age is what it is. Things happen at different ages for different people. Who said it is a race?? Yes. I am 22 and I am a first year University student. So there.

Birthday Weekend in Amsterdam

Wise words for my 22nd year / Bday presents

Queens Day + My Birthday celebrations / gatherings / music making

Birthday Fun

Study days.......not so all.


Michelle said...

I think taking time off before going back to school is a great idea! Sometimes you just need a breather :)

Alex Butts said...

love your glasses! and hey, i'm 23 with 2 degrees and doing nothing related, so who cares if oyu start late :)