Friday, 17 May 2013

a favorite photo

Day 17 of the challenge : a favorite photo of myself and why

This photo was taken on a beautiful sunshine filled summer day in San Francisco a few years ago. I was on a three week road trip adventure with my dear friend Emily. I had just returned from Ecuador, Emily had just finished college and we packed up a car and took an adventure down the entire stretch of the West Coast (as well as a quick stop in Canada) It was the greatest adventure! We stayed with friends and family along the way, camped a couple of nights and even ended up on some guys couch in San Fran. It was such a precious period of processing the year that had just come before, experiencing new things and spending some good old quality time together as friends. It was such a bitter sweet finish when we reach LAX airport and I boarded my plane back to England.

This particular day had been filled with exploring San Fran on foot. We just couldn't get enough of this great city! Or the sunshine for that matter. We were walking along the pier when I spotted this wall in my favorite color. Photos had to to be taken. This photo reminds me of a great adventure, an incredible friend and a day of happiness.


Allison said...

Stopping by from the link up! What great memories you have attached to that picture! I think I would have had to stop for a wall that color, too :)

phyllis nobles said...

I DO love this photograph - especially the colors [and shades not to mention the smile] xx

Kira Marshall-Mckelvey said...

Aw that looks like an awesome trip. Great pic!

Katie Cook said...

I LOVE this sweet girl:) You are beautiful and adventurous! love KAtie