Thursday, 2 May 2013

an education

Day 2 of the Blog Every Day in May challenge. I am suppose to educate you. Preferably on something very important. So I shall. This is very important.

How to enjoy a good tea date.

I happen to think that tea drinking dates are the best - whether they are with someone you are romancing or if they are just a great friend or if it's your sweet grandma - nothing beats a good tea date. Tea has an incredible ability to make the world seem a better place and all those things you were stressing about....they can be pushed aside, out of mind, for just a little bit. Whenever someone is upset or worried, just give them a hug and invite them to share some tea with you. It will make everything a lot better. I am aware that I am bias in the fact that I am British, but the truth is that tea is just the best. Sharing tea with someone is such a beautiful exchange. You don't even need to know a person all that well to say, "fancy a cuppa?". This is British lingo for a good hot cup of tea. "Black or white?", refers to whether you want milk or not and then "one or two?" refers to the sugar you may require. I have had the honor of drinking tea all over the world; the Dutch are crazy for it (in fact I think that it was when I moved to The Netherlands that my real romance with tea began), Ecuadorians enjoy drinking it together right before bed and when I was in Kenya I had the most incredible tea experience where one minute the milk was in the cow and the next in my cup. I am known for my love of tea here in the US. Coffee often rival it but, at the end of the day, I will choose my tea. So, how do you enjoy a good tea date? Surround yourself with people you love, of find a moment of silence for yourself, boil some water and steep your tea in the water for a good amount of time. Then, wrap your fingers around your hot mug, enjoy the smell and drink up your cup of goodness.

(On a side note.....good old English Breakfast is great with a dash of milke. Yogi teas and Tazo teas are divine, especially Yogi Throat Coat if you are feeling under the weather, Green Tea with Apricot is another favorite, and I also like Orange and Ginger. The Duchies have an Autumn Storm Tea which I am pretty sure is sent from heaven).


Yara said...

Perfect post :) haha I love tea! We have one called winter glow as well, but my favorite this winter was caramelized pear, it sounds horrid but it is SO good! Oh how I miss our tea dates, tea dates always result in the best talks! <3

Rowena said...

I am a big tea drinker (I'm from the UK), I like nothing better than a good cuppa. Milk, one sugar. I'm still try to work out where to get the best T-bags in the US!