Wednesday, 15 May 2013

day to day

Day 15 of the challenge : day in the life

Today you get the opportunity to hear about a typical day in the life of moi. The morning will always begin with the espresso machine. Yesterday I found out that taking a Political Methods and Statistics exam at 9am with no, well...not a good idea.
My day then goes a little like this: class / coffee date / study / skype date / work out / meetings / class / study / work / hang out with friends or room mates / study / evening fun. There are only two more days in which study and class shall be in this mix. The summer is so so so close. I can feel it...
Here are some moments that pretty much capture this incredibly blessed life I am living right now.

Wake up to these beautiful hills
Class and Study 
Escape to the hills
Work Out 
Time spent with sweet friends
Friends and College Fun
Dear Taylor
Beautiful Sunsets


Helene said...

after reading your little blurb about you i knew i had to follow! i love reading about people who have traveled! love these pretty pictures and you really do have a fantastic view!
Helene in Between

phyllis nobles said...

I LOVE your life & photographs! Don't you just LOVE the end of the semester? Counting down the days to summer holidays is positively intoxicating xx