Friday, 3 May 2013

something uncomfortable

Day 3 of the challenge


Today we are talking about things that make us uncomfortable. I stopped by Jenni's place this morning...gosh she choose some good ones. Jenni had me nodding along, "yep, that's uncomfortable". I immediately thought about discussing manners. I am a little bit of a politeness-mania. I know I grew up in Buckinghamshire, England, but really - there is no need to ever be rude, right? I always adored hearing my Granny's version of meeting my Grandfather. She would say, "Now Sally, you know, I had  not intention of getting married. I was quite happy travelling the world and having a ball. But then....your Grandfather came along and, well, he was just so well-spoken and polite I couldn't resist. You can never resist or underestimate a well-spoken man". What a doll! She really is as cute as a button.

However, I decided to take another route and not lecture y'all on manners. (But please, do remember to say your please and thank you's....thank you).

PDA's. Public Displays of Affection. That's what I would like to touch on today. This has actually been a grating point for me and guys I have dated in the past. Call me a prude, call me a conservative, I don't care. I am a firm believer that eating each other's faces off is NOT a public activity. Ok, so maybe the odd peck in public can be cute, but other than that, no, I don't want to see anything else. Please don't get me wrong, some public displays of affection are cute and serve as wonderful reminders to me when I am single about what I want in a relationship. It truly warms my heart when I see a gentleman open a door for a lady, or reach for her hand in the grocery store when he thinks no one is looking. To me, these are signs of respect and honor. It is perfectly possible to be extremely cute and not explicit. So please be cute and not R rated y'all in your PDA's, thank you.

Happy Friday.

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Katie Cook said...

I LOVE this Sally. ANd the story of your grandmother just about melted my heart!!! Ahhh love it! I hope you are doing well sweet girl, I think of you often! love Katie