Sunday, 12 May 2013

what i miss the most

Day 12 of the challenge: what do you miss?

So I had to have grace for myself there for a couple of days...been kind of busy...sorry y'all.
The question today is, what do I miss?

I miss The Netherlands.

I sort of, fell into / fate intervened / God surprised me and I ended up in a little Dutch town called Middelburg, in The Netherlands for my first year of University. It was tough to move. Again. I wasn't the most willing recipient of this new adventure that was handed to me on a plate. But, as time passed, I fell in love with the place, the country and especially the people.

It is a very strange feeling to find yourself in one place where you feel at home, yet know that at the same time your heart is longing to return to another place where you felt at home. When I am able to think rationally and I am not over emotional, I can see that living in three countries by the time I am 23 is a blessing - my goodness it is a huge blessing! I have met the most incredible people, had the most wonderful experiences and learnt a lot. But, when I am emotional....I miss The Netherlands. I have a homesickness that I can't shrug for The Netherlands. I miss the people there and the longing to return can overwhelm me and I kick myself for leaving. It is in moments like that in which I don't see my travels as a blessing but more as a terrible heartbreaking curse.

The Netherlands will always hold a special place in my heart. I would love to return some time. It was home for a special season in my life and I had people there who became my family. I miss my Dutch family.

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