Monday, 13 May 2013

day 13 : an apology

The challenge today is to offer a public apology.

Here we go......

Dear Family,

You got me. Happy days! I know that you (parents) maybe, maybe, knew what you were kind of, sort of, getting yourselves in for...but I am pretty sure having a daughter has greatly exceeded your expectations of craziness, emotional outbursts and I am certain I has tried your patience over and over again. But I guess I wasn't too bad, right? I mean you chose to have one more after guess you liked me enough.

As well as being certain that the journey of my life (in which you guys are hostages) has been a crazy one, I am pretty sure it has been an unexpected surprise where we are today. Living in the United States of America. And, no, not on the East Coast either where things vaguely resemble the UK. But in the west where there are rattle snakes, cowboys, supermarkets that sell guns and HUGE trucks. You both amaze me with your ability to go with the flow - with me and with life. I am sorry that you got caught up in this wild adventure. Thank you for moving all the way across the world for me (because you clearly moved for me and your move clearly had nothing to do with your great new job and loving Jesus). I am sorry for all the lame jokes I tell you, irrational fears I burden you with and the strain I put on your bank account. Yay you have kids!

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phyllis nobles said...

hello dear lovely friend - just stopping in to say hello & to drool over your summer plans - please reveal everything ASAP love & xx