Sunday, 5 May 2013

sunday sweetness

Day 5 of challenge: love for a friend

This challenge has actually been the hardest thus far. Not because I don't have friends, in fact it is quite the opposite! I have so many great, wonderful, beautiful friends in my life that I didn't know quite how to share. I do not know how on earth I got so blessed with great friends. With every new season, with every new move to another country, God has blessed me with incredible people in my life and wonderful community. I can not brag enough about my friends. Sweet Yara, who you can find here, was such a great sister to me whilst in The Netherlands - I can not count the times she hugged me whilst I cried about silly things, or stroked my hair whilst I balled about being homesick, had tea dates that brought about great conversations or danced for hours at the bar. That's a great friendship right there; someone you can cry with, drink tea with, talk with and party with. Then there is Simone, who I have written about in the past here, here and here. Wow. That's all I can say there. I have friends who have stuck with me every since I left England some four years ago - we have skyped, Kay even visited me (!!) and we try our hardest to not get too frustrated with the inability to hug. I have wonderful people who have mentored me through the years, and still are, and daily bless my heart. I have made friends in Ecuador who I am still honored to be in touch with. I have a friend from the US who I met in Ecuador and then travelled to Paris with whilst I was in The Netherlands. One of my dearest friends, Laura, and I have known each other for about a year and a half and we have already been to three different countries together.....crazy. Check out our adventures here, here and here

I miss my Dutch Family, you probably know that by now...I mean, I mention it enough! But today I would like to talk about friends here in Boise. I feel like I have one giant family here in Boise. My friends here have really fast tracked it in my life to family status. They tell me the hard things, they cry with me, they don't mind me when I am blowing snot or moaning about school or boys. They have adventures with me and I know when we hit the river and they say, "I got your back", I can really trust them. They also have shared countless cups of tea with me, shared their hearts with me and listened to mine. They even do crazy things like take me on dates when I am going through a break-up to remind me of how I should be treated and to remind me that I am loved. They even buy me crazy awesome tea and tea know who you are.

I met my dear friend Krista soon after I moved to Boise. There was something about Krista that just made me want to know her more. She is a person of integrity, incredible beauty, joy and she sure does have a sense of adventure. So, we had tea and I approached her about being deliberate in being friends. (I am aware that this might sound a little odd, but you know, I have had friendships that just don't turn out as you expect. I am fully aware that people approach friendships differently, some people assume that things are private, and some don't have a problem sharing secrets....etc etc...and you get let down) So I decided to ask Krista about what she valued in a friendship, what she wanted in a friendship and then we decided to be friends. Haha. I am so glad she said yes to my proposal!

She has blessed me immensely with her wisdom, hilarious sense of humor, smile, yummy cooking, kind heart and joy.

Friends are really what make life full of love, joy and happiness on a daily basis. If there is anything you take away from this post, please remember this: value your friends, treat them well, approach them maybe about making positive changes to your relationships and voice your appreciation for them. Happy Sunday, be blessed!

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Lyndsy said...

Your friend looks crazy simmilar to a friend of mine as well! I totally had to do a double take! Loving that you joined this challenge, too. It's been fun.

Happy Monday! :)