Tuesday, 14 May 2013

my happy list

Day 14 of the challenge

Ahhh this is a good one : 10 things that make me happy. Now, some of these make me insanely happy. I am one of those people who will cry with happiness. Sometimes God and life are just so so so so good that, well, I just can't quite manage to contain myself.

1) Jesus. Wow, this guy.....blesses my life. He has my back and makes me solid in knowing who I am, what matters most in life and He is the giver of a hope, joy and peace that passes all understanding.

2) Coffee. It's my lifeline and my love.

3) Family. I am including friends here also.....I have friends in my life who I count as family. Friends, true friends, are also your family. How did I ever get so rich in life with friendships?!

4) Being outside. I love being outside and surrounded by natures beauty. I can't sit still inside for too long. If you try and make me I will get serious ants in my pants and just start going a little cray cray.

5) Music. I grew up around music and it was always something my bro and I shared/still share with one another. I have so many great memories of catching the train to London to see incredible shows with my bro. These are some golden memories that I will always treasure.

6) Leaning. I love and hate learning. I love learning in the sense that I gain new understanding, new perspectives and skills. However, sometimes, learning is hard and requires me facing some realities about myself or the world around me that are tough.

7) Dance Parties. Planned or spontaneous....

8) Travelling....the prospect of new adventures....makes my heart so happy.

9) Love.

10) Good food and quality time with dear friends. This is always a winning combination. There is nothing that can beat quality time. (If you have ever read about the 5 love languages, this is one of my top love languages!)

Sunshine and Coffee are always a recipe for happiness

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Donna said...

Love this list! In university my friends & I used to have the best spontaneous dance parties as stress relief during exams!