Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Eiffel Tower by Day

I am so glad that the beautiful weather has followed me back to University! Today was beautiful. Sunshine just makes me happy happy happy. During a class break I decided it was time to switch my normal order of a cappuccino to iced coffee. The coffee stand clearly had a different idea of what ice coffee is! They scooped vanilla ice cream into a cup, poured fresh coffee over it and then topped it all off with whipped cream. Oh well, I got my caffeine and ice cream fix all together.
Back to those Paris snaps.
Since my friends and I were travelling into Paris from different countries and we didn't all have cells, we decided to meet up under the tower on our first morning in the magical city. I had only been to Paris once before and it had been on an Art field trip so it had been jam packed with gallery visits, in short, I had never been up the tower before (!!!) So, what else would you do first when in Paris??! Up we went. It was a beautiful day and the view was spectacular. It was worth standing in line for an hour - make sure you do it some day.


dani press said...

this makes me miss paris so much! thanks for the lovely photos and the reminder of such a great city.

Anonymous said...

love the eiffel shots :)