Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Thoughts...

This morning I had a bit of a work-out fail. I went running (for only the second time since injuring my back) and it was great. No back pain!
But. Then.
I went to my local bakery and bought the most deliciously yummy sugared treat. It was amazing. I mean, it is one of the highlights of working out right? You can indulge a little! I am actually trying to cut down my sugar intake. I haven't gotten as far as cutting out sugar in my coffee yet though. But, I am trying to only eat sweet things on one day a week. Today was that day.
This weekend will be full of studying all the books of the Old Testament,  revising 17th Century Dutch Paintings, and memorising Political thinkers and their philosophies all ready for my mid-term exams next week. My faithful planner and to-do lists are keeping me sane as I work through all my chores. I do so hope that your weekend is looking a little brighter than mine!! I shall most definitely be taking a break on Sunday for the rugby though :) Happy Weekend!

My local bakery

SOOO good right?!

There I am...still in my running shoes...

Post-it-Notes from Lindsay over at Originally Me


Alexis said...

If you figure out the trick to cutting sugar out of coffee please let me in. I am an addict to creamer and sugar. Oh, and the post run treat definitely looks worth it.

Crystalin said...

A great healthy/sweet/yummy snack after a workout is a smoothie! Find your favorite place and make it a thing with workouts. That's what I do, and I don't have to "feel bad" for indulging after a workout :) Despite all the studying, I hope you have a lovely weekend lady!