Friday, 2 March 2012


It's Friday y'all! This past week has been full of classes, homework, stress, university forms, worrying about the mid terms that start soon and making plans for Spring Break. It has been busy for sure! So I have been drinking plenty of coffee to keep me awake in class. I CAN NOT wait for Spring Break! I will be spending half of it here in the Netherlands (my sweet neighbour at university is taking me home with her - I love this!) and I shall be travelling to Paris for the other half. The world is pretty crazy - I shall be meeting up with a three American friends in Paris - one of which I met in Ecuador and one I met in Amsterdam and is now living in London. It is crazy how small the world really is and how we are all able to grab a flight or bus and meet in one place. Going to be such fun! Just two weeks of mid-terms to get through first.....Happy Friday people!

Coffee in class = always a good idea

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