Sunday, 18 March 2012

This Week According to Instagram

Hey everyone. Thank you for all your visits to Me+Life+Coffee this past week. Sorry I have bee MIA for a while! It has been mid term examinations week so there has been plenty of coffee drinking and plenty of stress (and tears!) But now I am on Spring Break! Whoohoo!! I am spending it with a dear friend and her family. It has been SO good to finally have a couple of nights in a row of 8hrs sleep. Last night my friend threw a dinner party, goodness me can she cook and throw a good party! I shall be travelling to Paris on Wednesday, but until then I shall be blogging and on Tuesday I have something very special for you....guess you shall have to pop back again and see what my secret surprise is! Happy Sunday y'all!

Trip to McD's / Sandals in the Sunshine

Even warm enough for a dress / Beer and Rugby = Perfect

Spring Break Begins! / Anyone for Steak?

Caught the kitty's kissing in the kitchen / Best Cake ever!


Alina Anghel said...

that cake looks delicious! xx

Unpublished Life said...

Great pics - those kissing kittys are too cute!

Enjoy Spring Break - so lucky!!

Shannon Gallegos said...

Just found you -lovely blog. This post makes me want a Corona (mind you it's only 11am here, eek) haha. Enjoy Paris -and post pics! Safe travels :)

Sarah said...

I love these Instagrams. It's one of my favorite Apps. I love your blog too!