Sunday, 25 March 2012

This Week According to Instagram (Part 1)

I am back from Paris and OH MY was it wonderful! The weather was purrrrfect - felt like I was on a beautiful summer holiday. I was there for three nights, two and a half days and my friends and I packed our time full of sight seeing. Today is a little manic for me because I will be travelling back to University and getting ready for an exam I have at 9am tomorrow morning (sad times) I have decided to split this weeks Instagram update into two parts: Part 1 is of the first half of Spring Break spent in Eindhoven, and Part 2 will be of Paris. Pop back over the next few days to hear more about Paris! Happy Sunday!

Shopping Department Stores in Eindhoven

Post Shopping Drinks / Elle Store

Cheese / Ice Cream - two of my all time favorite things


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

omg, cheeeeeeese! I've already eaten so much cheese since i've been in Germany, LOL! So good!

Anonymous said...

OOOOH! The cheese and icecream seem to be my fave ;)

Tracy said...

these pics make me wanna shop and eat at the same time! lovely!

Erin said...

what a lovely blog!
just stumbled upon it from the wiegand's :) gonna find you on instagram!!

hope you have a wonderful week!