Sunday, 4 March 2012

This Week according to Instagram

This week has been rather stressful. Mid terms are looming and I just have this deep fear that my brain it actually empty! I have had such trouble concentrating this semester and often tune out in class or have to re-read things because it simply does not go in the first time. On top of that worry I have been figuring out travel and accommodation plans for Spring Break, as well and filling out forms for University for next year. At this moment I don't know where I shall be studying next year. I hope to be back at "home" but we shall have to see. It has been a roller coaster ride trusting in God. Always an adventure! Instagram this week has been a lot on-the-go as I ride my bicycle around like a maniac to try and get places on time! I do hope your week has been a little more relaxed.

Thursday Market

Coffee with a friend in a cute cafe / Chocolate Treats

Walks in my neighbourhood

University / About town

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Amy Dowell said...

Love the pictures of the cafe and your university. Lucky girl!